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Tea Seed Oil series
Organic Tea Seed Oil
Organic Tea Seed Oil With Natural Flavo
Green Tea Seed Oil with Steamed Tea

Tea Seed Oil With Natural Flavor Camellia Oleifera
( Organic )

Continental US Only)

17 oz (500ml)
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Organic Tea Seed Oil With Natural Flavor
(Camellia Oleifera) 500ml/Bottle
Extra Virgin Cold Pressed From the seeds
Natural nutty flavor is carefully preserved
88.08% Unsaturated fatty acids
79.55% Monounsaturated fatty acids
(Oleic Acid C 18 : 1 Omega 9)
8.53% Polyunsaturated fatty acids
(Linolenic Acid 18:3 Omega 3,
Linoleic Acid 18:2 Omega 6)
Low saturated fatty acids
0 grams of trans fat
No cholesterol
High in Vitamin E
Contains polyphenols
Smoke Point 485 �F

Fatty Acid Analysis Report